Hello! I am Shamala Tan. My clients call me the chiropractor for the soul because it is what I do best. I align my clients with their body, mind and soul. The end game – to live more purposeful lives.

I have a deep love for psychology, all things spiritual and non-religious. I am also a wanna-be writer, and I want to write more! (My personal blog is right on this site, where I write about pretty random stuff) Even though I am spiritual, I am rather potty mouthed,Even though I am spiritual, I am rather potty mouthed, which makes me a #spiritualgangster as some of my clients and friends would say! For #spiritualgangster #goodcrazy stuff, check this Link out

For kickass coaching work that will actually take you somewhere, and you want a no nonsense kind of coaching that will push you to achieve your goals – career, family, relationship with self, spiritual or whatever your beliefs, go HERE

If you just want to have a chat with me, you can sign up for a free 15mins skype coaching session with me. We can talk about anything, from the weather to the colour of your shoes.

email: info@shamalatan.com, snail mail: 19 east coast road #02-01 singapore 428746

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