Ooh my! Passive aggressive…

Haha. I hope you like this picture and see the irony of this post! It’s too funny not to laugh.

As I’m a ‘what you see is what you get’ person and sometimes too frank for my own good, I’m amused when I see and receive passive aggressive reactions from seemingly mature adults.

Of course these are much easier for me to handle when they are of no significant consequence to me and it’s not going to negatively impact my life in a big way. The person did what they did to feel better about themselves. My prespective on this is that if it is not such a big deal, perhaps speaking to me directly would have been more mature.

If you are wondering what is ‘passive aggressive’ well there are several interpretations. According to one online dictionary it says:

Passive-aggressive behavior is the indirect expression of hostility, such as through procrastination, stubbornness, sullenness, or deliberate or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is (often explicitly) responsible.

Another says:

denoting or pertaining to a personality type or behavior marked by the expression of negative emotions in passive, indirect ways, as through manipulation or noncooperation:
a passive-aggressive employee who often misses deadline

I’m sure we have met lots of people like these. So what makes them operate this way – it is simply an attempt to control people and situations. But we all know this kind of behaviour doesn’t work because it only serves to escalate an already negative situation, creating lose-lose situations for everyone.

How does one deal with passive aggressive behaviours in others? I choose to ignore eventually. When people keep missing deadlines, and after three reminders and the job is still not done I will ignore their behaviour. But measures will be in place to remove the job at hand from the person and appoint someone else who doesn’t play this tiresome game to complete the task.

Who has time to play these sort of games when we are so busy enjoy a happy life eh? πŸ™‚

I know, I know some of you may say that these people may not even be aware that they are playing the game! Yes true, but so what? Do you want to deliberatelty walk in front of someone holding a water hose spraying water everywhere knowing that he is oblivious to people around him?

Anyway there is no win if you battle with passive aggressive behaviours. You can never win and neither can they. It is best not to engage and choose the happier path. πŸ™‚