Best Cave, Ever

Isn’t this the best Cave to find yourself in? I love the feel of rows of books and the colours of old books lined up to fill one’s soul. {Thanks to Kristin Hansen, my FB friend for sharing this wonderful picture!)

I have missed reading very much. Not that I have been imprisoned somewhere where I do not have access to books, but I was in a phase of my life when things were breaking down that it just seemed so hard to sit down with a good book to read. So I did what was second best, I listened to audio books, and I took them everywhere — from going for walks, running with my ears plugged in to commuting on the public transport. I cannot explain why reading was hard, maybe I just had too much going on that listening to my books felt re-assuring.

Now that my life is on track on becoming more ME, ie. I have the space to fully be me again, I have been searching for good books via The Book Depository. There is a certain pleasure in shopping for books online, and waiting expectantly for books to arrive, and then opening up the packages like it is Christmas all over again, and again πŸ™‚

I enjoy staring at this picture, it gives me comfort and a strange sense of belonging, as if I now know where I fit in the grand scheme of things.

I hope this picture evokes some comforting feeling or sense of who you are, and may you in your special way be a wonderful Storyteller….