Breathe, Be Happy

I managed to find my gravity over the weekend. I had two whole days to myself, which to a single parent is a Godsend! Thanks to a lovely family who took the initiative to arrange for an extended playdate turned sleepover for our daughters.

Today is another day to BREATHE, to catch up on my blogs, to journal, to read, to do whatever I want really.

Well, a few posts back, I mentioned my poor Rawley dog who went for 2 ops because he ate his toy. Well, he is fully recovered, HOORAY! But he got really needy after that, so needing attention that he started to misbehave badly, like a spoilt poodle. I guess we overdid it on the love and care. Something that Cesar Milan would frown upon. I am not proud of this. I am still undoing some of the ‘damage’ and getting him back in order to behave like a calm and relaxed dog. We have had ups and downs days, and some days it is just too much. Right now, he is chilling so all is well in our little Universe.

Of late, I’ve been really inspired by other writers and their authenticity. They use social  media well to connect with their ‘fans and followers’. I use social media, but I am still uncertain if audios and videos would work for me. I need to explore this further, tell me what you think: do you like to watch videos? or listen to audio recordings rather than read a blog? Or some sort of mix-em-up is good once in a while.

The reason why I am asking is, I feel I like to explore more to reach out, to share and I would like to use whatever works and whatever is available. With my schedule in chaos in the past 2 to 3 months, it made me realise how time flies and how little time we really have. I mean, I have known this, like everyone else we feel that time flies, but this REALIZATION REALLY hit me. I panicked for a few seconds just thinking about it. Made me realise that, hey if I do not do what I am meant to do and to reach out and share and to learn, I’m absolutely wasting my time here on earth!

How many of you feel this way? You want to explode like thunderous beautiful fireworks and be joyous in what you do, and all you want really is to be able to live your purposeful life without life getting in the way….

Isn’t this what people say, that it boils down to being able to concentrate on that moment daily to simply BREATHE?

I can do one breath at a time, and let joy, love, courage fill my being and simply be there for my purpose.


Ok, that’s it from me today. I’m going to have a happy day.

Hey you, you have a happy day too 🙂