Mom of the reading gal

A dear friend of mine sent a text message to a group of us friends, telling us the new ‘nicknames’ we have acquired from her partner. My new nickname is the “mom of the reading gal’.

When I first saw it, I could not resonate with the nickname. Yes, I know my daughter is always seen with a book. She is always reading when she is out with us adults. So I am very much aware that I am a mom of a girl who reads a lot.

But the thing that struck me most was, it was not how I identified myself.

I may be a mother to someone, but I do not identify the role as part of me even though I have been doing this for 10 years. Mind you, I do take pride in being my daughter’s care giver, and I know this is only temporary because as she grows up, she has to be her own person, and though I will always be her mom, my mothering will stop when she becomes an adult.

In my self identity, I see myself first as a soul. And I am here to learn, to serve and to embrace all of myself in a real concrete earthly way. I also see myself as a traveler in the Universe, experiencing different things and different roles. And being a mother is one of these roles. Being a teacher and inspirer are two roles which I most identify with, they feel familiar and they resonate deeply within my heart.

Being a mother, however, feels like a new role from once upon a time to my current existence. It is a role I FEEL my soul is still learning to identify with. Perhaps this is true.

This may just be the reminder I need to embrace this role much more fully in my soul. Thank you.