It Was Never Meant To Be, Now How Happy I Am To Be Me

It was never meant to be,  now how happy i am to be me.

Thank you for freeing me, a burden you have been.

The sadness you bring into my life robbed me of my joy.

Every day i wake up dreading to see your face, interrupting my voice

of love, reason and joy.

You carry your pain of ignorance, forcing us to endure,

it was no joy.

I thought you were enlightened, instead you were patterned

in your thoughts, speech and behaviour.

Intellectual you may be, but ignorant of life’s ways you truly were.

None of your own believe, but it is fine with me

because I am now free from the burden of your ways.

It was never meant to be, for I deserve more than you can ever give.

Your ignorance, anger and limitations have kept me small

I can never be small to fit your ways.

I am made for bigger things

and I am now happy to be free….

Deep joy.

© Shamala Tan 2015