What Silence Does To Your Connection With Social Media

I did a 3-day silent retreat just before Christmas, ok maybe not so silent as I basically locked myself at home with Rawley my dog, he’s not exactly the quiet sort. But it was good enough for me, to be away from any human interaction.

The first thing that was struck me was how I miss doing this annual retreat. More than some 13 years ago, I used to do an annual 3-5 days of silent retreat as a way to catch up with myself. 13 years went by and I have come full circle.

Then, retreat was a dog (Trix), cats (Tigger and Momo) for company.

Now, retreat is dog (Rawley), cat (Momo) for company. Gosh, that Mo is kinda old now.

What has also changed — I have one new addition to my clan, my 10 year old daughter who has gone off to join her other family in the UK for Christmas.

The 3 days for me were precious. I realised that time is not limited as we all thought. Boy, when you have nothing but yourself, time creeps by slowly. I can attest that time is what you make of it. It was precious also because I stretched my meditation and prayer time, what felt a long time, took only 15 mins. What! 15 mins only as I looked at my timer. I savoured it.

I took time to journal as well, which made me realise how much of my time is spent unproductively. One example is social media time suckers. Honestly I do not spend a lot of time on social media, but I think it is the headspace it takes when we read certain things on social media and it makes us think about stuff, but these stuff may not really be that useful. So I now have a new personal ruling re: social media which I have started implementing, clearing my mind so I can actually write this blog entry and use my energy for more productive things.

Wow, how much of social media is about mastering it, and not being victimised by it. I use social media for marketing my work, so I can’t say it is all bad.

For me, discipline is highly necessary in order to make social media work for me, instead of me working for it — This is my social media motto for the year!

Have a wonderful 2016….

😉 Shamala