What usually happens on a sunday

While the rest of the world sleeps in on  a Sunday, inevitably my dog somehow, for some unknown reason is able to wake me up earlier than usual every Sunday. Either barking his head off at something outside, or he decides to pound on my door.

So here i am 5.30am wide awake in front of my computer.

I’m refusing to take him for his walkie this early, out of principle. I don’t know why. I do not even think he knows anything about principles. He’s a dog after all but i guess it makes me feel good about it, that i am not to be manipulated. Haha, who am i trying to kid.

Anyway, this not so young pup, coming to 2 year old pup is an odd one. He grunts to get my attention, he snorts at strangers whom he deem as coming into our personal space when we go for walks. Yes he snorts. What kind of a dog snorts!

One time, he snorted at only certain types of people. I think he did it through racial profiling. I don’t think i’ve ever been so embarrassed in my entire life. I have a racist dog. It is not good for this small world we live in.

Now, the snorting is reserved for men whom he deem as scums, but they are not really, they are usually men dressed in dirty garb because they are on their way to toll outdoors either at construction sites or they have some kind of outdoor job. My dog just doesn’t like their sweaty scent, i suppose.

Ok, blog post done. I suppose it is not too early now for a Sunday morning walk. Not.