Two more sleeps…

Moving home is exhausting. My lack of sleep is becoming apparent with my brain not at 100% working gear.
Moving to a place half the size of the current one is challenging. I must have thrown out 1/2 of my stuff. But they are stuff, so they don’t matter.
One of my friends asked me how do I decide what to keep and what to throw out (recycle, donate or bin for broken/useless items). I told her that if I have not used something for the last year, then I would throw it out.
But because time is running out, I have become more brutal in my culling. Anything I do not remember having eg opening a box and I go, oh here it is…. It only means I haven’t used it so it is no big deal, out it goes.
I look forward to a smaller space for more sustainable living. And my plan is to reduce my waste and continue to recycle, reuse and repurpose.
Wish me luck ☺
Will talk again in my new home…