When hate reared its ugly head…

Wow, with the best of intentions I re-posted something on my facebook page: which said something like, “If your religion requires you to hate someone. Then you need a new religion.” Attached to these words was a person praying.

That re-post generated over 4.1k likes and countless number of comments, some positive, some negative and some filled with hate speech. Some pointed out to me that the person praying was a muslim man praying.

Somehow that made me a muslim hater.

How that could have been possibly interpreted that way only makes me so sad. How did a muslim man praying with those words in the post meant that I was saying Islam promoted hate. In all honesty, I only saw a person praying. To me, the man wasn’t a muslim, a buddhist or a christian. It was a man doing his spiritual practice.

Hate has a way in rearing its ugly head in whatever situations possible. I was saddened by the misinterpretations of my actions, so I deleted the post as I do not want my page to be filled with hate speech.

As I explained in a later post: “….I have realised that sometimes pure intentions are not good enough, getting messages across to a wide spectrum of people requires careful consideration as it will not please everyone all of the time. In fact, pleasing everyone at the same time is an impossible task as everyone has their own levels of interpretation. But I can live with that.
HOWEVER, I cannot live with having hate filled speech on my page when the intent was to teach people to move away from hate.”

Hate can breed fast, much faster than love. Even though I believe that love always wins, I do not wish for the hate to breed any further, not in my space.

This is just one not so good day in my social media life.