When You Relate To The World Through Energy…

Recently I made several realisations about myself – one of which is that I relate to the world through energy. I know everyone does. However, this is a TRUE REALISATION, not a knowledge based understanding, but an understanding through experience.

I use my sense of energy to connect the dots, to experience the world, to connect with people, with nature, with everyone. I see the world through energy too.

The lesson is also interesting for me as I relate to the world through energy with some disregard to the earthly dimensions of how things should be done, or how things should look like.

I have always related to God and the Universe through energy. I sense and feel God’s presence in my life and I pray and listen to God this way, with a total disregard to religious order. To me, religion teaches me what to do and what not to do, according to a set of doctrines. But how can one ever know if these doctrines are not some ego-inspired teachings to serve God’s creations (idol worshipping in the form of worshipping a religious leader) rather than to serve God.

Through my years as a student of in depth learning, spirituality, religious teachings, psychology, I have realised that the best way for me to relate to God is through my own experience and the power of God’s energies playing out in my life and in my heart. The heart felt love that has brought me to tears, tears of love and joy simply by appreciating the sunrise, the walk on the beach or simply by looking at my strange dog.

I relate to people through energy too. I go with where the energy takes me, and often than not, it takes me to a space of being unconditional in my relational connection. Of course, I retaliate too if the energy calls for it, towards people whose main aim is to bully or dominate for their own sense of lack, I retaliate simply by allowing what they put out to be sent back to them.

I relate to my work and business through energy too. Remaining open to energies exchanged and raising the bar for success by opening channels. Sometimes this also means not having to say much, not pushing, not selling, simply showing.

What I have learned too is that when you relate to the world through energy, few truly get it. Few understand the concept or the idea and they are puzzled by how and why you do certain things. A friend of mine recently told me that she doesn’t understand how I can do certain things with seemingly least amount of effort and yet yield the results I want. I told her it is all about energy and learning to harness and hold it.

What I have also learned is that sometimes energy between two people can take over the entire connection. It becomes a third energy with seemingly a mind of its own and it takes the two people where it wants it to go despite the intentions of the two parties. This of course has both positive and negative consequences, as this third energy may well have its own agenda altogether! The idea is to understand the agenda, and whether it can be harnessed, stopped, enjoyed or simply thrown away. We are never powerless when working with energy.

Working with energy is like working with fire. It can be both your master or your slave.  And this is still a learning experience for me.

Perhaps the most important lesson for me right now is to learn to keep a balance in my relational connection with people with both energetic connection and with what they are consciously aware of. And not be run by the energies present.

By all means, relate to the world through energy but never allow it to be your master 🙂