The Layers Of Her

Nothing is ever straightforward even if she seems the most straightforward in her opinions. When it comes to her personality, nothing is ever what it seems. This makes her both friendly, yet inaccessible. Funny, yet dark. Loving, yet cold. Prominent, yet invisible. She is most complex and hard to understand, even if she appears simple.

It takes time and effort to see the layers. Most do not, for most do not have the depth to even perceive the layers.  For them, the layers do not exist.

While buried deep within her layers, she enjoys an inner world of her own, that only she can see and understand. This is what makes her thrive. Her energy for life comes from these layers, yet it is also these layers that prevent others from coming into her world. She can easily reach out to them for she perceives them well, but they can never reach into her depths.

So she stands alone. Sadly, yet peacefully.

The layers of her, the irony of being her.