When your Soul decides to erupt from your inside, like a fountain waiting to be released, you feel an angst – like a teenager. There’s an edge to it, you feel you are on the brink of death, and life at the same time. It is exciting, scary, depressingly sad, painful, joyful, and just plain pure happiness flowing through you. You start to question if you are schizophrenic, feeling one thing one moment, and another thing the next.

The tenderness you experience just before the big eruption is vital for your Soul. It is a learning that your Soul wants and must experience. You ultimately make the decision to embrace the tenderness or push/stuff it down into your solar plexus.

Stuffing it down, and not acknowledging the tenderness does not allow your Soul to experience the learning, and so the next learning curve is avoided, and so life returns to normal, until the next drama.

Embracing the tenderness can go two ways, you either go through a metamorphosis and emerge anew, or you hold on to the tenderness so tightly, that you begin to think you ARE the raw feelings. You start to think the sadness, depression and anger are you. You forget that you were simply supposed to embrace them and feel them in every cell of your being, and let them wash over you so that your true Soul Self may be strengthened by the metamorphosis…

Unbecoming you.