The Point Between Death And Life

This is the point where everything on both sides don’t matter. There is no reason, no purpose, no meaning. It is a point of stillness where everything just is. ⠀
There is acceptance, ease and revelation because it is the realisation of reality as it is. Reality in the stillness of the entire universe, where everything is silent, there is non duality and not a single breath. ⠀
This is the point of the inbreath and the outbreath. ⠀
In meditation, we aim to prolong this single moment of the in and out to experience the bliss, joy and peace. Ironically, by prolonging the single point of bliss, it is bliss no more. It turns into something else. ⠀
It can only be experienced as single moments with every inbreath and outbreath.⠀
It is the point between death and life. ⠀
It is the point of existence.